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Alternative Treatment Methods for Addiction in Idaho

Not every person with a substance abuse problem can be helped by the same treatment method. In many situations where there are severe problems, an additional emotional outlet such as art therapy can be the key to helping an addict make a breakthrough. Alternative treatment programs in Idaho are often used alongside standard methods of addiction treatment to achieve desired results among patients. Every patient may respond differently to treatment and treatment plans are individualized based on an assessment of their needs.


Alternative treatment: what is it?

The term alternative treatment refers to the various treatment programs that are used and approved for addiction therapy. They include methods to deal with withdrawal symptoms, acute pain and emotional scaring. Some of the most used alternative methods of treatment include equine, music and art therapy as well as biofeedback, acupuncture and chiropractic care. While they are referred to as alternative methods, many of them have become standard methods of helping patients with substance use disorder due to their efficacy.


What are some of the alternative methods of treating substance addiction?

Rehab centers in Idaho make use of several widely used methods of treatment for substance us disorder. All of them are approved for use by NIDA among other government agencies.


The following are some of the methods used in rehab centers in Idaho:


  • Equine therapy – This is a method that uses animals, usually horses, to interact with a recovering addict forming a bond between the animal and patient. The relationship that forms from the person taking care of and doing activities with the animal can be a healing experience as they learn to care for something other than themselves.
  • Music therapy – Music has healing properties due to the expressive form it takes. Patients can be helped through the studying of lyrics, creating their own music or making CDs to listen to when they become too stressed. Singing can also help them build confidence in themselves.
  • Art therapy – Art can be a form of expression and aid in the recovery of an addict. They can express the emotions that they find difficult to talk about in a therapeutic setting. The forms of art include drawing, painting, acting and sculpting.
  • Biofeedback – This method uses a machine to track a person’s emotional and physical stress in real-time in order to help them to lower their stress as it happens. This form of mental training is useful in helping patients become more confident with the control they have over themselves.
  • Chiropractic care – Many people initially became addicted to opiates because of a chronic, recurring pain. They fear the return of the pain once their addiction stops but through chiropractic care, non-medicinal pain relief is possible. It can also help to reduce stress buildup in the body promoting a better outlook on life.
  • Acupuncture – The Eastern method of restoring balance to a person’s body called acupuncture is a method that uses thin needles in key areas of the body in order to release the “chi” flow through the person’s body. It has been useful in helping patients deal with withdrawal symptoms without the use of any medication. The end of the treatment results in an increase in energy and a decrease in anxiety and stress.
  • Restorative yoga – Yoga is a form of meditation, which can promote a healthy mind and body. The reduction of stress and a low bodily-stress workout can be achieved with this method of treatment. It can help to focus a person’s mind on their goal of sobriety and give them an outlet for pent up energy.