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Medical Detox Programs – Idaho

A physical dependence to a substance such as heroin or alcohol can cause devastating side effects to a person on a mental and physical level. The withdrawal symptoms that they experience due to the physical dependence that forms can be acute in some cases, requiring medical assistance to properly and safely deal with. Medical detox programs in Idaho help people with the sometimes-acute symptoms of withdrawal in a safe and controlled environment where any complications can be managed and dealt with.


What is involved with a medical detox?

If a person needs a medical detox, they will come into a rehab center in Idaho where they will be under constant supervision by trained professionals that can monitor the needs of a patient. If they are in need of a medication to lessen the withdrawal symptoms or to block effects of a drug, the clinician can administer the drugs. These drugs can be addictive and abused at times and therefore can only be given to the patient under supervision. Once the patient recovers from the majority of the side effects, then they can continue with their addiction therapy. Therapy is important after a detox because relapse is very likely to occur if the underlying issues that may have caused the addiction are not explored and dealt with. Medical detox programs are not a cure for addiction but they are an important first step in the recovery process.


It can be dangerous to break a severe addiction to a substance such as heroin, even fatal in some cases. Medication such as methadone, which is an opiate similar but milder than heroin, is used to ease the patient through the detoxification. Abruptly stopping can have more negative side effects than what is safe for a patient to experience. If a person has gone through multiple detoxes the damage that their body takes can cause severe stress on major organs.


The dangers and complications of home detox

One of the biggest concerns with a home detox is the risk of relapse. When a person is not under supervision, the intense cravings can cause them to relapse. Multiple relapses can be dangerous to a person physical health.


Furthermore, substances such as alcohol can cause a severe dependency that can require hospitalization and medical assistance as the severe symptoms set in, such as delirium tremens. These kinds of withdrawal symptoms can incapacitate a person and cause them to hallucinate. Unable to leave their home, they can suffer from symptoms such as seizures that require medical assistance.


Different types of detox programs

Depending on what the type of drug is and how much the person took, different detoxifications methods can be utilized. One of the methods includes a natural detox. Here a person will not use any other medication to help them through the detox. The toxins in the body are allowed to naturally leave and allow normal function to return. A natural detox is also known as going “cold turkey”.


A medicated detox is a step up from a natural detox and medication are used in this method. The medications given are usually not addictive and cannot be abused. They help to counter specific symptoms such as insomnia with mild sleeping medication or if a person experiences pains in their body they can be given non-addictive painkiller to help them deal with the pain. This type of detox just helps a person to feel more comfortable during their detoxification.


With the help of medical detox programs, people who have become addicted to substances can be helped through their detox at a safe pace and be helped to not relapse due to antagonists that block the effects of drugs.